Semiology Studios is run by Stacey, UX/UI designer with a keen eye for creative and intuitive design and expertise in digital design, branding, and business innovations, delivering digital products for clients such as Novartis, Mercedes-Benz, the NHS, CBRE, Granta Park Cambridge, and the Welsh Government — providing creative user-centred designs and enhancing customer experience across different digital platforms.


Having a proven track record in the hospitality, fintech and e-commerce sectors, B2B, B2C and SaaS products. Stacey has delivered high-end products, design systems and research-based solutions for successful business transformations, maximising brand recognition and customer loyalty.


Please do not hesitate to reach out to talk about your project. You can send us a form here. 🦄

Experiences we can create for you

Bespoke Websites

We design and develop bespoke online stores, landings, and corporate websites.  We will provide you with your dream design using the latest UI trends and best usability practices, create the branding, and build your website using CMS platforms.


We aim to facilitate all your needs by connecting you to your client with just one click!

Product Design

Semiology Studios will take your complex idea and create an interactive and accessible prototype of your digital product based on user needs and market research. UX Designer will set up a logical information hierarchy and a clear navigation system. 


Having a UX/UI Designer contribute to your project will save time and overhead costs during the development process.

Design Systems

A well-thought-out design system will help you maintain consistency and increase your brand recognition. We work with the MUI design system that has extensive documentation for developers to speed up the development process.  

User-Centrered Solutions

The user-centric approach ensures that the product is designed to meet the actual requirements and expectations of the target audience.


A product that is easy to use and provides a positive experience is more likely to be adopted by users. A UX designer ensures that the product is intuitive and that users can quickly understand and navigate its features.

What's our process

Let’s chat about your goals for the business? Share everything you are dreaming about with us! We want to know who your clients are, what is your industry, and what functionality you need for your website.

Then we will complete the following:

  • Project analysis
  • Commercial offer
  • Contract execution
  • 1st part of payment is 50%

At this stage we will figure out the direction you want to take and we will make the first steps towards your dream website! Our team will prepare a mood-board so you can tell us if you like the look and feel. 


We will talk you through the functionality and create a prototype of your website. 

We will then complete the following steps:

  • Creating a website prototype
  • Prototype correction and approval
  • Writing a technical task
  • Approval of a technical task

At this stage we add some pazzazz to the prototype. We will design a couple of options for the landing page for you to choose from. Once the design is signed off we will finish the rest of the pages based on it. Our team will work on photography, videography, copy and whatever your soul desires to make this website stand out!

At this stage we will complete the following:

  • Home page design
  • Unique graphic elements*
  • Block animation*
  • Final Design Approval

When the creative part is over we move to the development stage of your website. 


We set you up on the platform that suits you best, install and configure all the necessary plug-ins, payment systems and basic SEO. We will create the web pages based on our design and animate them to make your website interactive.


We will then work on the following:

  • Layout
  • Website development
  • Additional tools connection and installation*

At this stage we will thoroughly and repeatedly test your website to make sure everything is working smoothly. We will do cross browser checks, how responsive your website is, how fast it loads and much more!


In summary we will do the following:

  • Test site content
  • Project testing
  • Final payment is 50%
  • Domain registration*

When we are 100% confident that everything is ready we will link your domain to the website and go live!

But don’t worry we are not saying bye! We will conduct a team training to make sure you know how to add / update / remove any information from your website.


This includes:

  • Launch and training
  • Warranty period*

Let’s make something awesome together