E-commerce • Front-end development 

Client: Crossbreed

Sector: Entertainment 

The Brief

One of the biggest sex-positive platforms based in the United Kingdom, with kinky and dark brand identity, and a goal to grow into bigger ventures.

Crossbreed is many things: a provider, a guide, an entertainer, and a window that allows people to learn more and explore further. Crossbreed is also both a record label and a party, as they define it themselves. Crossbreed is, for many people, an exciting discovery, and a pillar of support.


A platform with already defined themes, colours, identity and branding, Crossbreed did not need for Semiology Studios to build something entirely new and never seen before. Instead, the task was to join and blend into an already existing structure and vision, and help construct the only missing section of thereof – the shop page.

“Fuck this is amazing!”


With the usage of dark shades and harsh contrasts, the goal was to keep the existing kinky, passion-driven persona, while also to facilitate the browsing of the shop and the existing sales funnel. With a clear, concise layout, and still captivating colours and imagery that do not interfere with the exploration and purchasing, Semiology Studios did not stray from the defined goal.

Let’s make something awesome together