Kak Solntse

Web design • UX • UI

Client: Kak Solntse

Sector: E-Commerce, Retail

Tools: Figma, Adobe Photoshop CC, WordPress

The project

Kak Solntse approached Semiology Studio to create a bespoke website for their hand-crafted artisan candles. They needed a new brand identity and a website that would feature their collaboration with local Russian artists and perfume makers. 


This project had an artistic and contemporary touch and the brand wanted to immerse visitors into the fine crafts-making journey and the philosophy behind the brand. We managed to capture the essence of modern style with tradition and luxury.


• Audience
• Brand
• Market


• Content
• Goal
• Core message


• Content
• Engagement
• Imagery


• Ideas
• High-fidelity design
• Interactive prototype
• Website


• Functionality
• Cross-browser check
• Responsiveness

The 5 W’s of Marketing:

Middle-aged people, who follow trends and support local craftsmen, are into fashion and interior design. 

Bespoke scents, community, and luxury.

Primarily mobile users. They discover the brand in the malls and pop-ups, social media and online publications.

Kak Solntse is one of few Russian artisan candle brands that produce packaging, wax, and artwork locally. They release limited editions of fragrances that have been developed with local perfumers.

Impulsive, inspired and doesn’t take long to think of the purchase. They buy not because they need something but because they want it.

Web Design

For Kak Solntse we closely worked with the founder who had a very strong vision for the brand. Firstly, we signed off the navigation and what type of content we will include. 


We came up with interactive solutions, like a mini solar map that will link the users to the fragrance and loading animation made with their logo.

We were aiming to tell out users the story of candle making and the inspiration behind the artworks and the fragrances. The website has a lot of content surrounding art, nature and philosophy.


  1. Aesthetic Harmony: Discover how we brought the unique charm of artisan candles to life, ensuring a visually stunning and cohesive design.

  2. User-Centric Navigation: Explore our approach to user experience, making product exploration and selection an effortless delight for customers.

  3. Checkout Magic: Uncover the strategies behind our streamlined checkout process, reducing friction and enhancing the overall purchasing experience.

  4. Mobile Magic: Learn how we optimized the site for mobile, ensuring that candle enthusiasts can shop anytime, anywhere, with the same enchanting experience.


After finishing with the web design, we proceeded to build the website. Once the website had been developed, we had a final meeting where we went through the website together and introduced final alterations – like font size correction, image placement recommendations, margin correction, etc.


We had great cooperation between our teams, and this resulted in very unique e-commerce store that feels like a journey into KS philosophy.


  • Increased Conversion Rates 📈
  • Enhanced User Engagement 🤝
  • Elevated Brand Perception 🌐

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