Vestico website design

Web design • UX • UI

Client: Vestico

Sector: IT

Tools: Figma, Adobe Photoshop CC

The project

Vestico needed a brand-new web design that would look modern and properly reflect their values.


The overall idea was that the website needed to show that Vestico is a tech company operating within the fashion sector. The minimalist web design had to accurately represent both the data about the company and the products, while also being entertaining.


In order to boost their customers’ sales, Vestico wanted to sell their products as a package deal. To achieve that, I had to rethink the user journey and how to display the product, to encourage potential customers to buy the bundles instead of choosing the one-off solutions.


• Audience
• Brand
• Core message


• Attention
• Engagement
• Goal


• Ideas
• High-fidelity design


• Functionality
• Success
• Team effort


Vestico is a fashion tech company that helps brands create communities and minimise returns – they care about their ecological footprints, and high return volumes impact the environment poorly.


The main products Vestico offers focus around community building, where real people have a chance to show how the clothes of particular brands fit different body types.


Another group of their products focuses on the integration of body measurements, in order to help out to figure the correct fit.

  • Comparative analysis, which allowed me to understand what the market for similar solutions looks like (e.g. Fit Analysis, Yotpo., Klarna, Zeekit), how the offers are presented, and what to avoid doing.
  • Overall market analysis through marketing and management tools (SWOT, the 5 Ws of marketing), which allowed me to understand the target audience.
  • Usability testing of the existing website made by Vestico, to determine what functionality is necessary and what can be improved or added on.


The SWOT analysis of Vestico as a brand allowed for me to see its overall presence on the market and in the minds of both its existing target audience, and its potential customers. 


  • Innovative solutions
  • Little competition
  • Niche product
  • Well-defined target audience


  • Difficulty displaying the products
  • Low brand awareness and salience
  • Sales conversion


  • Market expansion:
    • stronger market presence
  • Increased conversion rates


  • Emerging competition
  • Fluctuations in the economic environment of the target market

The 5 W’s of Marketing:

Fashion and beauty companies, designer brands.

Ease of usability, efficiency, simplicity of web design, vastness of the potential customer base, brand recognition, increased sales.

At the office from the laptop mainly.

Vestico offers the opportunity for fashion and beauty brands to create a community of real-life people to share their experiences of the brand. The right fitting clothes are also not likely to be returned, which will minimise the return rate and unnecessary expenses.

Profit-oriented, creative approach, beautiful solutions.


The main problem was showcasing all the products to make it clear what would and would not suit specific businesses within the Fashion and Beauty industries.


Additionally, Vestico wanted to encourage potential clients to get packages instead of singular products, as it would boost the sales for both and increase discoverability. 

Louisa May

Primary persona – brand owner.

Web Design

For Vestico, our design team thought of a color palette that would represent both Fashion / Beauty and Tech industries.


The goal was to create something light and minimalistic, but with a bold splash of colour that would draw the clients’ attention while being well-integrated into the page.



We played around with pink, white, and blue specifically. The resulting bright gradient is attention-grabbing enough to help the users’ navigate the website with ease.


The bold and chunky font is paired with light and simple colours to create a more dynamic feel.



Some assets are these semi-transparent glass UI elements. We found that a detail like this would reference both the tech industry, as a depiction of monitors and screens, and the beauty industry, resembling mirrors and shop windows. Additionally, it’s a very trendy UI feature – we want to integrate the latest available elements into our products.

(Figure 5.1)

(Figure 5.2)

(Figure 5.3)

(Figure 5.4)


The first step was to lay out all the pages that would have to be on the website and manage the content on each page.



For example: for the products, we decided to divide them into two groups of 3. That way, Vestico would be able to sell all 3 solutions for either beauty or fashion brands together as a bundle. To achieve that, all 3 related products are placed on the same page within a coherent flow. (Figure 5.1)



On the generic Product page, there’s no extra information. The visitor will only have to select if they are in the beauty of the fashion industry (Figure 5.2). From there, the user is redirected to the dedicated product page with more information.


Similar division is repeated on the Landing page (Figure 5.3). The website visitor can go directly from there to the industry-specific solution.



Vestico had issues with their comparative analysis table. The issue was with the mobile view, so our design studio updated the template to make it easy for the user to follow the comparisons across all devices (Figure 5.4).



After finishing with the web design, we had a meeting with Vestico developers. We went through the overall functionality, entrance animations and agreed on the asset export.



Once the website had been developed, we had a final meeting where we went through the website together and introduced final alterations – like font size correction, image placement recommendations, margin correction, etc.



We had a very tight deadline, so perfect cooperation between our teams was crucial, and resulted in everything being completed and tested within a very short period of time!

Thank you!

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