Top 7 Figma Plugins for UX/UI Designers

I want to share my top 7 Figma plugins that I use day-to-day when I work on product design.

Image Tracer

Convert raster graphics to vectors. You’ll have a scalable SVG graphic and you can easily change the colors. It’s a very convenient plug-in and you won’t need to run an Illustrator to trace the images or convert client JPG logos into PNG or SVG!


Instead of copying images from the website and downloading large files to your computer, you can use Unsplash plug-in to insert the images straight away into your designs. Great to use for avatars as well!


Great plugin to source illustrations for your website! It has a large library of cute illustrations and you can customise them.

Musho AI

Musho turns your prompts into nearly-complete, dev-ready websites with simple layouts, AI-generated copy, and images. Great to get some inspiration and a new POV on your page layouts!


This is where I generate all my work showcase images. Easy way to prepare your design mockups for presentation or a case study quickly and easily. Simply choose the device (free and paid) and then select the frame you want to import. You’ll get a nice and sleek device with your design right in Figma where you can save it as an image.

Able - Accessibility plugin

A great tool to quickly check the colour contrast of two elements. I always have a rectangle on the side with sample text. As I design I change the colours to those I want to use and run the Able plugin to see if it passes AA mark.


Another accessibility plug-in. It covers more areas to check like typography, alt-text and vision simulator. Unlike the Able plug-in I can’t check the colour contrast of specific elements. For instance, if my icons or logos are visible on certain areas. So I prefer to use both plugins.

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